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Type II Transit

The Tri-Star Type II (van) interior is a class-leading design of premium composite materials. This highly durable interior provides your crew with the best workspace available in a modern Type II design today. Tri-Star interiors are respected for their quality design and exceptional storage.


Type 2 ambulances are available on Ford Transit T250 and T350 Medium and High Roof Vans.


Product Features & Advantages

  • Class-leading design

  • Premium materials and surfaces 

  • Safe and durable working space 

  • Contemporary layout

  • Exceptional storage space


Go Green with Tri-Star

Tri-Star is a leader in applying green technologies to a complete and seamless design. From a simple system of enhanced energy storage to a complete hybrid solution; Tri-Star has a solution for you! 


Tri-Star Green solutions fit into a completely engineered system that adapts this technology to bring real-world-saving to your fleet.

Saving Lives and Saving Our Planet

Your mission is to save lives. Tri-Star is here to support that mission with high-quality flexible design vehicle solutions. At the same time, Tri-Star offers an innovative solution that can help save the planet too! Tri-Star Idle Reduction Technology will reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint while saving fuel, reducing engine wear and vehicle cycle maintenance. Not to mention less noise and fumes around your crew. The advantages are clear!

Rugged and Reliable

Tri-Star Industries vehicles are specifically crafted for the most demanding customers around the world. Our understanding of your mission and personal attention to detail assure you of a rugged and reliable piece of equipment that will last for years to come.

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