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2023 Ford E350 TS3-140 REMOUNT

2023 Ford E350 TS3-140 REMOUNT


Save up to 40% on the price of new with a certified Tri-Star factory remount!


Experience the Tri-Star advantage through our advanced remount process, featuring a fresh paint job and a fully revamped interior, including brand new floor covering and seats, with optional upgrades also available. All ambulances were originally built by Tri-Star, ensuring uniform quality.


Ambulance shown with optional graphics package.


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  • Make & Model

    Make Ford E350 138" wb
    Chassis Model Year 2023
    Stock #  
    Condition New / Remount
    Mileage 0 KM
    Ambulance Model TS3-140
    Type III
    Drive RWD
    Engine 7.3L Premium V8


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  • Other Features

    • Air Conditioning
    • Cruise Control
    • Power Windows/ Door Locks
    • Power Locking Module Doors
    • AM/FM Radio
    • Single Stretcher Configuration
    • Airway Seat: Rear facing, with integrated child harness
    • Attendant (right) Seat: Single swivel, track seat
    • CPR (left) Seat: forward facing
    • Jump Seat: Bulkhead mounted jump seat
    • Emergency / Scene Lights – Whelen 600 LED
    • Siren/PA System – Whelen Siren/PA with dual 100W speakers
    • Suction - Yes
    • Oxygen - 3 outlets (rt wall, lt wall, ceiling)
    • Options - stretcher and graphics packages available on request
  • Location

    Yarmouth, NS Canada

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