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Used & Remounted Ambulances for Sale

Tri-Star offers high-quality Used and Remounted ambulances at affordable prices. All Ambulances were originally built by Tri-Star and used by a single service operator in Nova Scotia, under a strict maintenance program. Before resale, Tri-Star inspects and recertifies our ambulances. 


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Consider these benefits when choosing a Tri-Star:


Ambulances are strictly maintained under contract and undergo inspection and recertification by Tri-Star before resale.

Ease of Service

Original manual and schematics provided on flash drive with each ambulance for efficient servicing, and fully supported by Tri-Star.

Single Manufacturer

Tri-Star serves as both the seller and original manufacturer of your ambulance. We provide support, spare parts, and have a complete history of each ambulance sold.

Single Operator

All ambulances come off lease from Nova Scotia Emergency Health Services, a high-performance service.

Continuous Supply

Tri-Star offers a continuous supply of identical ambulances, allowing you to build a fleet with a consistent layout at a low cost.

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